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Executive Chef Paulo Airaudo

Restaurant: Amelia – San Sebastián, Spain – 1 Michelin Star   32 year old Executive Chef and Restaurant owner Paulo Airaudo has travelled far and wide, honing his craft – from Peru to Mexico, Italy and Poland. Chef Airaudo has just opened his first solely-owned restaurant, Amelia (named after his daughter) in San Sebastian, a city boasting the second highest number of Michelin stars per-capita. As part of its Celebrity Chef series, the Capital Club featured Chef Airaudo, who served […]


Theme Nights

Cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo marks its 155th celebration this year and Tamales is a traditional food never missed on this very special occasion Battle of Puebla (El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla) took place on 5th May. Tamales is delicious Mexican dish of seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough and baked in corn husks. Casa Mexicana Executive Chef Romualdo Martinez will be more than happy to prepare you an authentic traditional tamales contact +973 17715521


Stuffed Mahashi

  By Four Seasons Chef – Executive Chef Stefano Andreoli, Banquet Head Chef Suhaib Omar & Chef Salman Faisal Abdullah Ingredients Must have Sharp-tipped vegetable peeler Heavy-bottomed 5-quart pot with a cover   Method Clean the zucchini and eggplant, trim off one end. Use a vegetable peeler to hollow out each piece, leaving the skin .5cm thick and one end of the vegetable intact. Tomato broth: mix all the ingredients on the list then add enough water to fill the […]