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Interview with the Indonesian Ambassador to Bahrain

  Raja Ampat in Papua and Derawan in East Kalimantan   MfB: What are your recommended top 5 tourist attractions in Indonesia? H.E. Rahardjo: The most famous destination is Bali, dubbed “one of the islands to visit before you die.” Other destinations are purely dependent on your personal interests. For those who love marine activities, I suggest a visit to Raja Ampat in Papua and Derawan in East Kalimantan. For jungle adventurers, Tanjung Putting National Park in Central Kalimantan or […]

I Love Bahrain

Ala Ghawas Returns with ‘Tryst’

Ghawas is scheduled to support the album with a number of live shows in Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Beirut and Berlin in early 2018. Visit alaghawas.com for more information.


  Marhaba fil Bahrain (MfB) has been keeping a look out for great local talent in Bahrain, and we’re very excited about a band that’s just released their debut album. We sat down with the guys to find out what their story is. Rooftop, formed in 2013 and immediately started writing original material; they soon realised they were on to something good and a couple of years ago decided to take their unique sound into the studio, culminating in the […]

Bahrain History

  Stories passed on from the time of the Sumerians mentioned a settlement in the deserts of the Middle East – an oasis of life flowing with sweet water springs. It has been suggested that the legendary verdant island may have been the inspiration for the Garden of Eden, described as “Paradise” in the world’s oldest poetic saga – The Epic of Gilgamesh. “The Sacred Land” or the “Land of Eternal Life”, previously known as ‘Dilmun’, is now known as […]


  Bahrain’s Economic Development Board (EDB) is on track for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s 2030 vision. Marketing Bahrain as an Island that blends ancient and modern, with a rich history, distinctive art and a strong food culture, the EDB is always looking to expand and diversify visitor’s experiences. With access to 300 million potential tourists within a 2 hour flight time, tourism arrivals are expected to grow 10% annually, with a staggering 1 million visitors a month already being recorded. […]


HH Shaikh Khalid and Mohammad Shahid present the Brave CF belt for the first time   TURNING POINT Brave International Combat Week is coming to Bahrain in November. The event promises to take the Kingdom to the next level and establish it as a truly international sports hub.   On November 12, the Kingdom of Bahrain will be again in the international spotlight due to a world-class level sports event. Brave International Combat Week will take place for until the […]

Sri Lanka

Stilt fishing is one of the traditional fishing methods in Sri Lanka. It cannot be found in any other part of the world.   World explorer Marco Polo claimed that Sri Lanka was the best island of its size in the world.     Bonus: Don’t miss out on the fantastic Sri Lankan curry and rice, made with the freshest seafood catch-of-the-day. Tip: If you’re invited to dine with a local family, feel free to eat with your hands, although […]

Hawar Islands A Hidden Gem

  Those of you who have been putting off a trip to Hawar islands in favour of other activities should immediately rectify that mistake – I have lived in Bahrain for 11 years and this year was the first time I’d made the trip. Trust me, it won’t be my last. I was whisked away from Durrat Marina in one of several new boats owned by Southern Tourism Company for the very pleasant 40-ish minute trip to the main Island. […]