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By: Khalil Al Yaman

Chef Concierge

Ali Al Noaimi
Chief Concierge
Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa

What is you most challenging experience as concierge?
At the Gulf Hotel Bahrain, we assist with making sure our special guests are given the outmost service.
The biggest challenge is during our high season, we just can’t get to all of the request due to the volume, however we make sure to attend to everyone in a timely manner, which is a big challenge at times as we want to give our undivided attention that shapes the guest’s overall experience.
I am pretty good after all these years at listening to what my guest is actually saying, but it can sometimes be a challenge.

Why concierge is important?
Being a concierge is a role model of service excellence and profitability, we play an important role in the hospitality industry as we are the hotel ambassador, the very face of the hotel; the person uniquely qualified to provide our guests with personal service and special attention that shape the guest’s overall experience.

What are the common questions asked by guests about Bahrain?
Bahrain has been very well known to be both maintaining its traditions, heritages and its industrial developments, which most of our guest are excited to visit and explore!
We are often asked on how to get to the traditional market “Souq”, and where to get the best bargains on gold, pearls, authentic handmade baskets, and even experience traditional Arabic breakfast.

Kindly name 3 top tourist places you recommend to guest?

  • Bahrain Fort
  • Bahrain International Circuit
  • Bahrain National Museum