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By: Khalil Al Yaman

Chef Concierge

Sherif Atef
Downtown Rotana

Why did you choose to be a concierge?
I genuinely like helping people and interacting with guests. I am a warm, friendly, approachable person and love to multi-task.

Could you tell us a time when you made a guest smile?
During check out, one of our guests mentioned that there was a broken toy car in the room which could be thrown away. I could see her son was crying and very upset at losing his toy. So while she finished checking out and waited for her car, I ran to get the toy and took it to our maintenance team and asked if they could do anything. They were brilliant and managed to fix it! The look on the little boy’s face when I handed him back his working toy was incredible and the mother was so happy she mentioned our quality of service to our management team.

What do you think is the best thing about Bahrain?
Bahrain is the best place for day-to-day living – Bahraini’s are open, accepting and very friendly to foreigners; it really is a multi-cultural society. There is also an ease of life – outings are fun and friends
are genuine.